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Monday, March 24, 2008

It was twenty years ago today...

My last post got some nice comments from fellow heads so I'm glad to continue in that vein. This date, March 24, is very special in Dead history with at least eleven different shows on this spot on the calendar. I just finished listening to the first show the boys ever played at the Omni, having outgrown the Fox. It happened on this date in 1988 and I recommend you give it a try: Tripping back through the songs, the memories flood in of that wonderful, dank, old building that shook with emotion. There aren't many venues with any character left. Anyway, this was my second Dead show, having come home from the long road, and I was redirecting my life in Atlanta (a lot like I am now, kinda). But the music on this night went to the next level that I can hear going backwards in time, before heroin had taken that last, extra spark away from Jerry. The second set had four big songs come after "Space" which almost overnight changed with the old men running off stage after a few closing tunes. No, on this night they played large. Even "Lovelight", normally a snoozer of a closer for me, really cooks. I saw many, many great shows after this one, but I didn't know that I was getting a flavor of something that was almost already gone, to be shared by some and untouchable to most.

No big surprise here, but this part of the year holds multiple memories and this date hits another special one. In 1993, we had three sweet shows here at the Omni but that wasn't enough for my friend, Jeffrey Nathan Speer, and me, so we piled in to his Honda and tooled up to Chapel Hill and two nights at the Dean Dome. The 24th was the first night of the UNC shows so it was already an anniversary of a sort but the earlier night at the Omni in '88 had been Jeff's first show so this was his five year anniversary. Sorry if that got convoluted but we had a hell of a time getting into the disaster of the building that is the Dean Smith Center. This stupid joint holds 4000 more than the Omni did but has smaller concourses and fewer facilities. I was in such a sour mood by the time I got settled in that I was shocked when this incredible music pulled me up and out and the energy from that night still shakes in its own unique way only we 20,000 can actually remember. Give this really cool show a try, too:

In other news, the painting above is my first try at an abstract in oil. I call it "Venus on the Whole" and I give no explanation. The view at left here has a little skull I started tonight. I'm not sure if he's finished yet. I'll probably go in for some refinements. Story of my life.


Blogger barb michelen said...

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10:03 PM  
Anonymous Zoooma said...

That Barb Michelen spammer hit a lotta people last night... if you enable Word Verification, that would eliminate the Unwanted like that...

anyway... you triggered my memory big time by mentioning Chapel Hill... way, way, way bummed out that I did not head East that year for Spring Tour... I mean, with the LSD being busted out. I remember hearing about that at the time and... and even though living in Salt Lake City enabled me to fairly easily travel to many an Oakland show plus Phoenix and Vegas and L.A. and anywhere west of the Mississippi really, I was depressed almost from having passed on Spring Tour and instead enrolling in college that semester. What a moron I was. Wasn't yet into collecting tapes at that time but when I started sometimes the next year, gettin' those SBDs of those Chapel Hill shows was like a day of Heaven on Earth, well, at least to get the 3-24 show, I believe that's the one with LSD and a nice Here Comes Sunshine to open the 2nd Set. Whew.

That means my Omni experience was the following Spring. Three shows was all I saw there but I miss it!

I'll have to remember that that '88 show's a smokin' one and this here's some Good readin' about it as well as your trip to the Dean Dome.

Peace, bro!

P.S. very cool painting! First try you say? Nice! It totally wouldn't fit into the scheme of my very simple lifestyle... but at the same time, if my cabin was more modern, I could very easily see myself diggin havin that hangin on my wall.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Tony Aguirre said...

Thanks for the comments. I cross thru Utah all the time. Moab is my home away from home. I think that puts you in the Omni in March of '94 which was the last ever Dark Star. Easy for me to remember. Those were 3 great shows, and it was actually Here Comes Sunshine that started the run on 3/30. Met a girl and fell in love for a little while that night. Thanks for the input on the painting. About to strike a creative vein and positive sentiments are very welcome. Peace, yourself, bro

12:19 AM  

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