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This is my triumphant return to the lifestyle I've always furthered and forwarded in my heart, at least, so let's blast off. The first half of my life has been incredible and the second segment will include more splendors than any Ottoman Sultan could ever have wished for in his golden repose. Anyway, fasten your laughter belt cuz you're on a collision course with wackiness.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Black Dogs of Bartholomew Cubbins

A huge storm is rolling off the Pacific, threatening to cover California with... water. Yes, there's a panic afoot and you'd think that martial law would go into effect any minute. Sheesh, California is a pussy, sometimes. Anyway, walking and poop scooping dogs in the rain is a pleasure, to be sure, but I don't mind because Walter (pictured) is a good fellow and the Chevalier du Marcel (image pending) has put a bizarre spell on me and tickled my feline senses, even though he barks and wheezes and snorts and whimpers and catortles and grimbaws and smelters and carrumphs and spitoodles, I admire his sturdiness and singular determinations and will try to exact some of these qualities from myself for the future which is where I need to be, as long as California opens her bounty and the breadfruit looks, smells, and tastes su-fucking-perlative then my mission is complete and I can honk a fentoozler or simply blow my crumdumpler from the golden hills of the realm.


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