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This is my triumphant return to the lifestyle I've always furthered and forwarded in my heart, at least, so let's blast off. The first half of my life has been incredible and the second segment will include more splendors than any Ottoman Sultan could ever have wished for in his golden repose. Anyway, fasten your laughter belt cuz you're on a collision course with wackiness.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blender is the Night

Does anyone remember the TV show from the '70s by Mel Brooks called "When Things Were Rotten" and starred Dick Gautier as Robin Hood and no doubt Dick Van Patten was in there somewhere, Friar Tuck most likely. I don't really know what made me think of that. Couldn't have had anything to do with my impending surgery which will be performed by Dr. Nick Riviera, no doubt, perhaps in a spiffy joint like this one in New Mexico where I stayed one night. A big woman with a lot of make-up checked me in and she was smoking in the office/lobby which I really liked and it struck me that this was the first non-indian owned motel that I'd stayed in in a long time and I figured that was why there were a lot of white truckers staying there. Anyway, now I know what it's like to fall in the mud and get kicked in the head with an iron boot... but that never really happened to me or anyone, I'll speculate, but I make no apology for my action and I egg myself onward. What passes next will be a whole new penguin which is an expression I coined just now but I have to go full force and I really don't know how that will work as I seek the knife as soon as possible so I can move on and start dancing at weddings and funerals again. I'd started to insert a description of the operation I'm to have but it made me queasy and I didn't want to inflict you, the reader, furthur. Your welcome. You're welcome. They could one or both be correct, you know. All right, Uncle Rush needs his pill so I've gotta start the twelve step process of getting up and about on crutches at 4 in the morning without waking anyone. May God guide the rubber tips. Man, am I set up for irony or what?


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