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This is my triumphant return to the lifestyle I've always furthered and forwarded in my heart, at least, so let's blast off. The first half of my life has been incredible and the second segment will include more splendors than any Ottoman Sultan could ever have wished for in his golden repose. Anyway, fasten your laughter belt cuz you're on a collision course with wackiness.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Joltin' Joe Schlabotnik

Some days the sails don't stir and the equator takes its toll but you stay busy on deck and hope you don't look like a steak to a scurvy dog hauling a yard arm and you could just kill for sip of sweet gypsy bourbon and that fiery draft of the first good yank during a golden sunset after trials brutally endured but perfectly executed which favors the compassionate, just like Allah who (CENSORED) so the world shrinks and angry waters will be an indefatigable foe by the time the Tricentennial rolls around which I'm surprised they're not hyping yet, seeing as it's only seventy years away which actually frightens me for some reason, like pitchforks have a real and useful function but the word conjures an entirely different image
in the long hot days of late summer but LA has quietly enjoyed a bowl of JELL-O existence and may the forecast call for more of the same special novelty like the long lost semi-toxic super elastic bubble plastic which I'm sure would stick to your soul!


Anonymous natapotter said...

rocket man!!! it's difficult for me to follow your words sometimes. i just know that Charlie Brown always wanted his Joe Schlabotnik card and never could get it. once, he even bought like a thousand and spent all his savings and didn't get it. and later, of course, Lucy Van Pelt bought a gum and.... got Joe.
is that the irony of life?

8:54 PM  
Anonymous natapotter said...

for a bunch of us i would have to say... yes.

11:59 AM  

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